Steff Da Campo, a talented Dutch DJ/producer with several releases from Spinnin' Records and Hexagon will be performing at SEL OCTAGON TOKYO on March 17, 2023!


He has now released "KANPAI," a collaboration with KDH, resident DJ of SEL OCTAGON TOKYO, on one of the most prominent dance music labels Spinnin' Records.

DJMAG JAPAN interviewed him about his feelings for Japan, his own experiences as a DJ/producer, his future goals, and the story behind the newly released "KANPAI"!


Q1 Welcome back to Tokyo! How is it performing for a crowd in Tokyo compared to performing for a crowd in other big cities?

Many people ask me how it feels like performing in Japan.

I can’t really describe the feeling. It’s overwhelming. The enthusiasm of the fans, knowing every song and track released is crazy.

The vibes are very different. Japanese treat you you with so much respect and I enjoy being in this country every day, I can’t wait to get back in March and KANPAI with all my friends in Tokyo and Nagoya.



Q2 What was the inspiration behind your new track "Kanpai"?

The story behind the KANPAI track is something I will never forget.

When I visited Japan in 2022 I had played one show. Before the show we went for dinner and had parties together.

After one night they already named me STEFF DA KANPAI (maybe because I drink too much... ;) ) So I asked a girl from Tokyo to make vocals like that and KANPAI was born.



Q3 How was it co-writing with KDH? Can you tell us some behind the scene stories?

KDH showed me a track he almost finished and that gave me the idea to make a KANPAI song. We immediately went into the studio to make this song together.

Q4. What kind of genre are you looking into and what kind of music can we expect from you?

My genre is a combination between tech house, uplifting bass house.
In my opinion there are no rules, just enjoy making music



Q5. Who inspired you to become the DJ/Producer you are now and what’s the story to it?

I think this will be Fedde Le Grand who inspired me a lot back in the day, with his groovy and very danceable sound.



Q6. Who’s the hottest DJ/Producer you have an eye on at the moment?

This must be Fred Again or Skrillex.

Talking about no rules and genres...


Q7. What are your goals and vision for your upcoming career?

Releasing a lot of music, trying out new styles and sounds with my music and my sets, and playing out my music everywhere in the world!



Q8. Please leave a message to your Japanese fans!

I appreciate all of you! I cannot wait to be back in Japan next month! ありがとう



Steff Da Campo will perform in Japan on March 17, 2023 at SEL OCTAGON TOKYO.

This is your chance to hear his just-released new song "KANPAI" live!

Let’s see how the crowd will react.