Since It started to journey at August 2014, ELE TOKYO have led Japanese nightlife culture with their urban atmosphere and high-end entertainment shows and lives. Dancefloor is fully equipped with luxury interior, brand new LED and technologies such as projection mapping tools and attract widely to not only music funs but VIP and celebrities. All we know that Lady Gaga’s official after party was held at the club. Also, The 3rd anniversary events “ELE TOKYO 3rd Anniversary” gets a lot of crowds in 2017. 



Peeking into its 2017, its Collaborations with big names such as Dutch rising star “Jimmy Clash”, “Ookay”, DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs 2017 No,30 DJ “QUINTINO”, Australian producer “DJ Kronic” (well known as Lil Jon’s producer), popular DJ Duo (especially in Asian market) “Rave Republic”, Spanish charismatic Artist “DJ Nano”, Brazilian DJ/Producer “Fai Boha”, Slovenian DJ/Producer “AVADOX”, E11EVEN MIAMI’s resident DJ “Los De La Vega”, Italian major dance hits maker /DJ “Daddy’s Groove” were enough to show their power and vibe as one of the top clubs.







Q1. 3 years have passed since you started running ELE TOKYO. What is the most impressive memory in those years?  

We really appreciated that ELE TOKYO is used for ROAD TO and OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY of big festival such as Ultra/EDC and gain great feedback from locals and foreigners.


Q2. There have been so many collaborations with world famous artists and variety of events In 2017, Are there any party which you most impressed from? 

It is very difficult to say which one was best because all artists gave us greatest performance so far. But events with “Ookay” was fantastic because of not only his performance but vibes came from him and audience. That was huge. I just remembered that All things in clubs like audience, artists, equipped furniture and lightning were perfectly melted and created one greatest atmosphere at that night. Ookay came to ELE TOKYO in every time he comes to Tokyo after that night!



Q3. What is your club’s strength which others cannot have?

It can definitely be said its Gorgeous atmosphere is the club’s strength. We have kept updating all things which effects the atmosphere such as lightning system, dancer, artists and especially VIP rooms. Its VIP rooms is close to both artists and audience. So people can feel all energy from VIP rooms. 



Q4. What is your goals in 2018? 

We are planning to collaborate with artists more than 2017, also with club in Asia to push our club “ELE TOKYO” to international stardom.


Q5. Please leave a messege to ELE TOKYO’ funs.

Thank you so much for your constant support!!! We will deliver greatest performance to you which I more than what you expected! So, Please keep your eyes on us!