After the signing with Pharien as the first exclusive contract with Japanese, the major dance music label in Netherlands “Spinnin’ Records” just released “Sam Feldt - Post Malone (feat. RANI) [Pharien Remix]” today.




This is a historic achievement because no official remix has been released individually by Japanese from the label ever. DJ/Producer Pharien has the highest hope globally now.

You will listen this music played in all clubs all over the world soon and overwhelmed by this punchy baseline and Future House sound at the drop.



Last but not least, today we announce that Pharien -one of the most promising artist who has exceptional talent for producing world-level dance music, and DJ MAG JAPAN made a management contract.

With this decision, the company will be in charge of all management works like performance, booking and producing.

We will try to make a greater contribution to artists, and we would appreciate it if you would give us good support.





"Pharien" is one of the most rising dance music DJ/Producer in Japan at the moment. Started his music interest at the age of three towards classic music under his mother’s influence. He learned to play piano and guitar since he was young, leading him to dance music like Knife Party, Martin Garrix and Avicii. 

When he was age of 17, Pharien began to produce music and it quickly gets reputation as a dance music producer. He released "Nightfade" from Hardwell's imprint "Revealed Recordings" after 2 years of hard work and became one of the most played track among the label’s 1001Tracklists. 

Pharien used to struggle on making his own sounds but after he met Future Trance, he immediately got fascinated. In July 2019, he released one of his biggest track "Tell Me The Truth" from Armada Trice. Filled with his signature sounds, the song have been supported by big artists such as Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Hardwell, Borgeous, Mike Williams, Lucas & Steve and more.

Pharien's original sound is consisted with dreamy chord progression and chill vibe that comes from the musical experience when he was a child. Now he is signed as an exclusive artist at Spinnin' Records working hard and leading the dance music scene in Japan.

Briefly : Pharien is the first Japanese DJ/Producer that is making internationally recognized dance music.