DANNIC, who we got used to seeing his name on DJ MAG TOP 100 DJS, was ranked at highest 26th place and he came to party with the Japanese crowds at DiA Tokyo on Feb 17th. DANNIC is constantly seen on the stages of big festivals such as Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, Mysteryland, Dance Valley, TomorrowWorld and more. He first came to Japan for “SENSATION JAPAN” back in 2015 and made a huge impact to Japanese dance music scene. 

Since then, he signed a residency contract with DiA Tokyo. The show was his first as a resident of the club and packed the place with fans wanting to party with him for the night. 


We interviewed DANNIC asking him about his feelings towards Japanese crowds, the future of dance music scene, what we can expect from him in 2017 and more. Check out the interview below.






DiA tokyo 

The name DiA (díɚ) was created from two words “Dear” (díɚ) and “DiA” (representing sparkle of diamond).

It is a 3-stories landmark building conveniently located at only 2 minutes walking distance from Roppongi Station.  Each unit has unique aspects. This is a club with a newly developing style in Roppongi to touch every person’s five senses and to excitingly match motivations to various opportunities. The numerous diamond-cut LED lights on the 3rd floor 8-meter high ceiling illuminates numerous guests, and 50 moving objects further excite the people to reach their climax. 

Furthermore, “Burlesque Tokyo”, which is Japan-originate Las Vegas style entertainment, and is performed every weekend to showcase DiA is very popular among both male and female guests.There is no doubt women’s eyes are glued to male muscular dancers “D BOYZ” produced by DiA. Resident DJs that are famous nationally and internationally are also here to offer the latest music selected for everyone’s taste.

The first thing a guest would see when arriving at the floor is an island bar where dancers are floating in the air.It is also a unique experience in a club to meet different people at the island bar while enjoying watching the dancers. Completely zoned VIP area to feel real sense of the floor, and VVIP to have a luxurious feel from a higher location, as well as private rooms to enjoy intimate parties are fully equipped. 

With a fully equipped area to accommodate high class customers, this club offers safe and comfortable space to enjoy to all types of guests. 


HP: http://www.diatokyo.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diatokyo2016/