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There exists an icon that was born to become a star. The one that has achieved that well deserved position in this new generation is KSUKE. In June 2014, everyone was in shock when KSUKE, an up and coming DJ was invited to perform at ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL, on a dream like stage with other top star DJs.  ...Read More

KSUKE has kicked off to face the world. He started at the smaller stages of ULTRA but now takes on the main stage in each country, and in 2015 has appeared on the Miami stage where the event was originated. That footage created buzz when it was used in the beginning of the after movie and has attracted the world’s attention. He has also been producing, in March 2015 released his first album from Warner Music Japan, followed by an EP in September and has worked on remixes for other artists. Some official remixes include Major Lazer’s “Lean On” and Dropout’s “Slowly”which has been the talk of the street, with high reviews and radio airings all over the United States. He has experience playing in Las Vegas clubs such as Light Night Club and XS Night Club and at the latter, played with AVICII and set social media on fire. He plans on moving to Los Angeles in the near future. It’s not everyday one gets to witness the birth of a star. We hope that these witnesses can continue to share this experience. The DJ of the new generation - KSUKE, has honed his skill and art and will continue to take the stage all over the world.   ...Close

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