Riviera Sapporo is hottest club in Sapporo city in Hokkaido powered by alife Sapporo. Their philosophy “more comfortable, more fun, more casual” is faithfully reflected in all details at all events in every nights. It is located only 5 minutes’ walk from Susukino Station (Namboku line, subway),which is the centre and with the interior design that reminds you of a resort, decent food menu as well, The venue is not only used for club events but also for other purposes such as ‘after parties of enterprises and it is flexible meeting the needs of the people.



Peeking into their adventure in 2017, the club took us to surprising world with worldwide-well known DJs such as “DJ Dannic” (61# in DJ MAG TOP 100 2017), , “Kryder”(known as a producer of the song “"Aphrodite") , WILL K, “NEW_ID”, German DJ/Producer “MOGUAI”, and electronic music rising star DJ “Merk & Kremont”,“TOM STAAR”.



As you can see in its schedule, it is fully planed with several regular and special events like  “joy!!””YouTues”, ”Territory”, ”Girls Talk” and ”#Sunday Funday”.so if you looking for some of the best night in Sapporo, the club definitely the right place for the moment.  Considering these results in 2017, It’s no wonder that Riviera Sapporo has positioned itself as one of the scene’s promising amazing place for all club lovers and we can not stop recognizing the value of Riviera Sapporo.

For all of us here, Let’s catch up with its quick progress. 



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Q1. As hottest multi-sound club in Sapporo, What do you think which strengths make it stand out from other clubs ? 

Of course, entertaining customers with good music is important, but we also have some space such as relaxing room, Vip space in both floor, Karaoke room and a variety of authentic foods. So, Customer can experience enjoyable time without music and dancing. Also, the events or concerts are held with each different music flavor in 356 day, so customers can find their own favorite music in our weekly schedule. 


Q2. What is the biggest achievement in 2017? 

All things happening in 2017 are important for us. So it cannot be said exactly which one is best. But, all events which were collaborated with world notable DJs in each month are one of the best achievement for us. 

It begun from the event with will K, rapidly growing with the support from Steave Angello, in first month of 2017, we successfully booked with next emerging rising star who can merely be booked even by clubs in Tokyo and proudly show our possibility to all people in this industry. 



Q3. When it comes to managing club, which clubs inspire you? Are there any role models for running Riviera Sapporo? 

There are several clubs where we can draw inspiration and learn from. But more than aiming to become like them, we are focusing on to create unique feature of Sapporo’s music scene.  Next headliners in this industry such as ROB & JACK and JOSE DE MARA were not performed in Japan except Riviera and Riviera Sapporo was a first place where D.O.D, Corey James and Will K landed on at their Japan tour.  

So, sharing these cutting-edge information to all around the world and creating Sapporo’s original music scene is our mission and we believe it lead us to be role model for others.



Q4, After experience in several successful events with international famous DJs such as W&W and Dannic, What is a next on your plan? 

We think, this is very important to coordinate events with Not only world famous DJs but also undiscovered next leaders of this industry. To become a role models for other clubs, we will dedicate all our efforts to create and spread “one and only” our music trends from Sapporo to people in all around the world. 


Q5, Please leave your message for your fans and lovers 

Thank you so much for your support in everyday and coming to Riviera Sapporo !! 



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