DJ MAG TOP 100 CLUBS, led by DJ MAG JP and powered by Miller Genuine Draft returns for 2018. It's a poll voted for by thousands of clubbers from every corner of the planet, a barometer of the biggest and best club spots that reverberate to the thumping grooves of that genre of music we all love so much; dance music.


▲ DJ MAG TOP 100 CLUBS 2017 #1・Space Ibiza


▲ #79 ageHa


▲ #94 Womb


As we can see, all top DJs and people in this industry pay attention to “Asia”. Our continent got big attention from all around the world. Korean club “Octagon” has kept 5# and Chinese clubs conquered 7% of the ranking.  

Although 30% of Top 100 clubs are located in Asia, we only can see two clubs from Japan. The election is perfectly assured in terms of accuracy and fairness. It is for sure that this coming election will take you to dramatic and Fantastic moment. 

Our dance music lovers, Let’s vote for the election and open your most favorite clubs to the globe.