Q1. Congratulations on your "Everything Changes" release. Can you tell us more about it?

Thank you! Actually I worked on the demo a few years ago, but never finished it. I think I only played it a couple of times in my sets to test it, but funny enough people always kept asking for it. So I decided to work on it again and here we are, it’s a nice track with a catchy hookline, it simply makes people happy.



Q2. How is your 2017 so far?

Really great! Did some massive shows the last few months and with the festival season kicking in it will be a great summer for sure.


Q3. Which track would be your favourite from your work and what inspired you to produce that track?

Well they say the last one is always the best :) So I had much fun working on ‘Everything Changes', its perfect for the summer. Another favourite is Showdown, it has an intangible and elusive edgy atmosphere which I like very much. I’m always trying to produce in depth and to create an extra dimension in my records.



Q4. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your sets and why?

‘Raise your hands’ and 'The Hum' are two essentials because it provides a lot of energy to the crowd. Once they hear the first notes it immediately explodes. I love to play it as I can feel the energy bouncing back to me and together we are trapped in that very moment. That is what Dj-ing is all about!




Q5. Are there any artists in particular you would love to collab with this year?

Not at this moment, however I am working on a great new collab with Nervo.


Q6. What would Japanese fans be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve been to Japan at least 10 times and I totally love it! I always feel very welcomed like it is a sort of homecoming. 


Q7. What are your plans for the Summer?

My schedule for the summer is pretty crazy, so I will definitely show up at the major festivals and clubs to do some cool shows. Summertime is the best! 


Q8. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

To my dear Japanese fans: I can’t wait to be back with you and your great country. See you in August! じゃあ また