Ultra Singapore took place last weekend and a talent ranked #15 on DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs 2016 Don Diablo was expected to perform in front of thousands of fans but he never showed up. Don Diablo explained to his fans about the bizarre situation through a Facebook video.


Explaining that the situation was caused due to a flight delay from Beijing to Singapore and was “massively disrespected and not treated with a lot of love” by Ultra side. Despite the delay of arrival, he was expected to play a short session for his fans and all the people who came out to the festival. But Diablo’s tour manager received a message stating that they “weren’t really welcome anymore” and that the payment would also be cancelled.


Thousands of fans were not informed about this situation and must have found themselves lost in the situation wondering where and when Don Diablo is going to be appearing on stage. Dance Music scene’s leading figure Don Diablo has called out to cancel all future Ultra shows due to this tragedy. He explains that he was only there to deliver what “true” ticket buyers deserve but he continues that “we can no longer guarantee this, under these circumstances.”


No comments were heard from Ultra Singapore’s PR team so the real story remains undetermined… Some may think Don Diablo deserves this as he could not make it on time for his shows while fans were waiting for him. Or some may think Ultra side has been very harsh and not understanding Diablo’s situation. 


The Facebook video received comments from 3LAU and Throttle.



Watch Don Diablo’s full statement from his Facebook page: