Alok, one of the resident DJs of Green Valley was ranked #25 on TOP 100 DJs 2016 and is expected to reach higher in the ranking this year. Alok delivers a very original taste to the world with his deep mid tempo house and techno spiced up with a pop twist and now recognised as one of the busiest artists with packed schedules travelling around clubs to festivals. As son of the founder of “Universov Paralello”, a huge dance festival in middle of the nature has been pursuing music from a very young age. Let’s hear what the rising star has to say in the interview.


Q1. Congratulations on your " Never Let Me Go" release. Can you tell us more about it?

Thank you all very very much !!!! This track is as profound and deep as Hear me Now and we believe that it should also become a track to remember. It means so much to us all to receive such support and numbers from all around the world.



Q2. How was the collaboration with Bruno Martini and Zeeba? 

Let me start by saying that It is always special to work with both Bruno Martini and Zeeba. We seem to have a great chemistry in the studio and the results always end up talking for themselves. We basically worked in a similar methodology again and the production came up quite well and satisfactory for all of us.


Q3. Which track would be your favourite from your work and what inspired you to produce that track?

There are a few favorites but I can only tell that some of them haven’t even been heard yet LOL I would say that never let me go , an upcoming track with IRO on the vocals called love is a temple and another unreleased track with Zeeba and Iro called Ocean that has a really profound and serious meaning to me. 


Q4. What are your tour plans for the next few months? Any festivals /events lined up you can tell us about?

I will be living in China and touring Asia over the next 3 months. I also have a few shows lined in Brazil and South America and the U.S with possible stop overs in Europe along it’s summer. Crazy to think that I will be barely sleeping on my bed at home for the rest of the year.



Q5. Do you have any cool production tips you can share for aspiring producers looking to improve their skills? 

If there is one thing that I could say is that you should believe yourselves and not let other people make you think otherwise regardless of the equipment that you are using. If that works as a consolation I have written some of my most predominant releases in a laptop with nothing but VSTS and a headphone. If I did you can also do it  !!!!!!  ;) 


Q6. Are there any artists in particular you would love to collab with this year?

Tiesto , Pryda , Sevenn to name a few 



Q7. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your sets and why?

Over the last weeks naturally ‘’Never let me go’’  and ‘’Love is a Temple’’ because they both are fresh tracks with a lot of meaningful words and deep flow. They are meant to be remembered once the show is over. 


Q8. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

Hello Japan !!!! I am looking forward to play for you guys really soon !!!! Hope you are enjoying the music that is going on your way ;)


Alok’s special DNA has been praised by the dance music scene and we saw him perform in Tokyo last year. An artist playing mainstage of Ultra Miami, Tomorrowland, Green Valley and many other festivals and clubs is definitely another player rapidly growing and entering a different stage in his career. It would be interesting to see his position in the upcoming TOP 100 DJs ranking. Follow his social media and have a listen to his new release “Never Let Me Go”.