JES, a New York born and raised DJ/Producer entered the musical world from a very young age and she is a 3 times Grammys nominated artist and also recorded No.1 on Billboard chart twice. She is an artist receiving attention from not only the Dance Music scene but also from other genres and scenes. Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, BT, Ferry Corsten, ATB and the list goes on… JES produces her very original sounds and gets the people going with her magical movement. Her new single “Carry Me Away” is now out and stay tuned for exclusive information from the Grammys nominated artist.


Q1. We heard your new single "Carry Me Away" ft. Game Chasers. Can you tell us more about it and about the collaboration?

I met Shant and Clint (aka Game Chasers) while touring in Lebanon and stayed in touch with them. They have a few different production names working in various genres and we worked on some ideas remotely over the Internet. We have been using WhatsApp to leave voice messages for each other instead of emails, which is much more fun! The second track we worked on together called “Hold On” became the first release on my own record label ( which launched in 2015 and went on to be nominated for a Grammy in the best remix category in the same year. I came up with the idea for “Carry Me Away” while I was stuck at the airport in a snowstorm. The song had a warm, summery feeling to it so I thought their Game Chasers production style would be the perfect fit. The guys are always so inspiring to work with and over a great many WhatsApp voice messages our new song took shape.



Q2. Since you recorded with the likes of Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, BT, Ferry Corsten, ATB and many more, I want to ask you what are differences between collaborating with established artists and releasing your own content?

The power of collaboration can be an amazing thing, particularly in this time, which is so dominated by social media. Having two artists on a track can often give it a much wider audience. When I’m working on collaboration you want to make something that encapsulates the great things about both the artists. I always try to leave space for the other artist to deliver their best work and I hope they will do the same for me. When I’m writing for myself I don’t have anyone else’s musical opinions to consider so I tend to be very free and write with more abandon. I love to work both ways. Writing for my own releases always requires a lot of soul searching but can be very rewarding. When I’m working on a collaboration I try to look at as a chance to do things I wouldn’t normally do for myself, which can also be very inspiring. 


Q3. Where do you get your inspiration from when working on a new piece of music (lyrics, melody, etc.)?

Inspiration tends to come in many ways for me. Sometimes it will be a particular lyric or a small fragment of a melody. Other times it might be a beat or rhythm, or even just the sound of instrument that starts the idea for the song. Often I remember parts of my dreams and that will become an idea for something new. Being a songwriter I try to find inspiration wherever I can. The important thing is to be able to capture that inspiration as it’s happening so I have many different recording devices around me all the time so that the best ideas don’t get forgotten or lost! I listen, I read, I love to watch other artists perform but mostly I try to write my feelings and ideas down every day and make tiny recorded sketches of melodies I have.  Then I listen to them back and pick the strongest ones and use those when I need a little extra inspiration.



Q4. Which track would be your favorite from your work and what inspired you to write that track?

It’s so difficult to pick a favorite song of my own. I spend a lot of time developing my ideas and I get very attached to them as they grow. They’re really like children to me, they all have different qualities that I love so it’s impossible hard to choose between them! I think the one’s that stick out in your memory are the songs that have transcended your original idea and taken on their own life. Earlier songs of mine that I feel have achieved that would include “As The Rush Comes” and “Imagination” which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Dance Airplay chart. More recently “Hold On” went on to be nominated for Gammy and my last Cosmic Gate collaboration “Fall Into You” seems to have really struck a chord with the fans. You always hope that a song will find a way to really touch the fans and of course I’m hoping the “Carry Me Away” will do the same.


Q5. Do you have any performance routines? 

I do! I like to prepare for my shows a few days ahead of time but on the day of the show I start by trying not to talk at all. It’s amazing how much stronger your voice gets when you rest it so that is something I try to do. During the day I drink plenty of warm tea and I also have a special tea called throat coat tea that is especially for singers. Make sure to get the one with red band on the box. Closer to show time I like to warm up with some push ups to get the blood flowing and I will often watch other performers shows on you tube to get myself revved up and even more excited to give a great show!   



Q6. What would Japanese fans be surprised to learn about you?

I think that Japanese fans would be surprised to know I could live on sushi every day of the week And although I have played shows all over Asia I have never actually played in Japan!  I’m really fascinated by the Japanese culture, art and music so I can’t wait to come there on tour. They might also be surprised to learn that I love to cook and have my own healthy lifestyle blog called “The Rock Star Diet”. You can check out some of my healthy recipes here


Q7. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

I’m so happy that my music reaches you all in Japan!  It’s an amazing feeling to think that my music travels out into the world and gets heard in so many beautiful places and I can’t wait to come and perform there for you all. Thank you so much for all your support.

どうもありがとうございます  XO. JES



The list of hit tracks JES has produced in the past is countless and the track released with Cosmic Gate “Fall Into You” has reached over 1 million plays and “Anything Can Happen” with FATUM was chosen to be on Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 2016. She continues to evolve and get more people involved in her music and there is nothing but hope from her fans. How is she going to be creating a huge buzz in the scene this summer? We will have to wait and see…