Today, April 14th, “BEST OF JAPAN”, ranking the best and hottest clubs in Japan is announced.


March 31st 2017, the world ranking “TOP 100 CLUBS” was released from DJ Mag and from Japan, Ageha was ranked 79th (6 times appearing in the past) and Womb was ranked 94th place (9 times appearing in the past). 


Also, in order to expand the Japanese Dance Music market, we have conducted an interview with people from the very top labels, booking agencies and DJ/Producers, asking how they see and observe Japan as an expanding market.


Recently, DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs receive one million votes and DJ MAG TOP 100 CLUBS receive half a million votes from all over the world, making it a huge movement in the scene. DJ MAG JAPAN streaming contents in Japanese, supporting with votes has encouraged domestic clubs to promote their brand and due to their effort, the total number of Japanese votes have increased greatly. This is the first time to see such number of votes from Japan in DJ MAG’s 25 year history.


-TOP100CLUBS 2017 #1 Space Ibiza


As you can see from this exciting movement within Japan, it is a matter of time for Japanese clubs to be up high in the world ranking again and contribute to the world’s Dance Music scene at a greater level. As a media platform, DJ MAG JAPAN will continue to expose world standards to Japanese fans and vice-versa. By encouraging the clubs more to promote their brand at a local level, we can receive better support from people who love the clubs and love the music, love Japan, the people who create the market a better place. DJ MAG JAPAN examines that these simple yet effective strategies are the key to guide Japanese clubs to the world.


-TOP100CLUBS 2017 #79 ageHa


In Japan, we can frequently see that the clubs are creating their domestic, original world yet try to follow the trend of the world scene, creating a contradiction… DJ MAG JAPAN sees that these ideas must come from “we want to be judged by the world”, “want to know the top class, want to reach the world”. 


-TOP100CLUBS 2017 #94 Womb 


Lately, China has grown to be the biggest market in Asia. 1/3 of the TOP 100 CLUBS are Asian clubs proving that Asia is on spot and is rapidly growing. Unfortunate reality is that only 2 clubs have ranked in from Japan… But there are similarities within Asian clubs hitting high in the ranking. That is the definite promotion or campaign they hold in and out of the club. Executing promotion campaign to clubbers, hosting a special booth, online marketing heavily supported to gain votes. It may seem like a simply strategy but it is the foundation and core that needs to be done. Work in the club was a must, definite strategy. 


-TOP100CLUBS 2017 #44 Myst Shanghai


Despite the expansion of festivals and International DJs getting invited and the rising potential of clubs and no existence of DJ MAG JAPAN before, there were issues with language barriers of contents being streamed, misunderstandings of voting systems, difficulty in approaching users and most importantly, there were very limited promotion beforehand. Users were not quite familiar with DJ MAG before, so it makes perfect sense that the votes were low in the past. In other words, once we can cover this, we can now promote Japanese clubs to the world. 


47% of Asian clubs have hit higher since last year


DJ MAG JAPAN’s objective is to expose Japanese Dance Music scene in a various perspectives and create the beginning of collaborating with the world. After all we are Japanese and we want to not only get on the trend and copy other international styles but want to deliver things in a way only Japanese can and collaborate with the rest of the world. The key in this would be the flexibility of our identity. DJ MAG JAPAN prays for further development of Japanese Dance Music scene.