Vicetone is ranked as 81st in 2016 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs. Their skills and talent is respected among other DJs such as Nicky Romero who's ranked as 29th this year. By now, they've become one of the top DJs who we see in big festivals all the time. Also, they joined among other DJs at last year's Ultra Japan making everyone jump with crazy beats and sounds. It's funny to think that it all started as Ruben and Victor in the same high school and now rocking the world with their banging music and leading the scene. Let us share the interview with Vicetone on their upcoming release.


 Q1. We heard your new track “Kaleidoscope ft. Grace Gundy” is stored on 4th of November. Can you tell us more about your new track? 

"Kaleidoscope came together by chance. We got an email from our management with the vocals of Grace and we were instantly captivated by her voice. She's incredibly talented and we're very happy with how the track turned out - there's a lot of emotion and energy in the track, which is very important to us.



Q2 What was your first impression of Japan? What was the most surprising or impressive experience? Something within your expectation? 

We've had so many impressive experiences in Japan. It's honestly one of our favorite countries in the world to visit. We actually had a few days off to see Tokyo a while back. So we went to a big temple, we ate lots of amazing Japanese food including sushi and walked the streets a lot. What struck us the most is how incredibly friendly all the people were to us. Much friendlier than in Europe where we grew up. The streets and buildings were also very clean and well-kept.  The train system was incredible so clean and fast! The Western world can really learn something from the way the Japanese handle their public transport, not to mention their friendliness. We rode the train from Tokyo to Osaka one time and it was really enjoyable. It's always a treat to visit Japan.  


Q3 Who or what is the most musically influenced to you? If so, why ist hat?

When we were young we used to be influenced by the Swedish House Mafia, Eric Prydz and Tiesto. We grew up with their music back in the day.


Q4 What do you personally consider to be the most important moments in your artistic career? 

Probably playing Ultra mainstage and playing our soundtrack, United We Dance. That was a big moment for us.


Q5. What would fans be surprised to learn about you? 

We're big on technology and video games! We custom build our own PCs, but professional studio PCs we use every day to work on as our personal rigs. It's a hobby that's really handy to have as it's important to us to have a lot of power in our studio computers.


Q6. What do you have coming up next? 

We're closing out the year with a couple of big shows... we're going out with a bang! And in January we'll have finished up the next few singles and collaborations. Exciting times are ahead!


Q7. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

We love you guys! Thank you so much for always supporting us and we can't wait to return to Japan very soon. Arigato!


Since they officially started their professional career in 2012, they've rapidly increased fans and DJ supporters allowing them to dive into the EDM scene. Nicky Romero has a tour "Nothing Toulouse" which Vicetone joined and also collaborated on a song "Let Me Feel ft. When We Are Wild". The fact that they entered Top100 DJs in 2013, only a year after officially starting their professional careers shows their worth and can't wait to see them in Japan next time!


Vicetone - Kaleidoscope ft. Grace Gundy

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