Quintino, one of the leaders of the Dutch Dance Music scene recently told us "I was able to become a famous producer/DJ because of the tracks 'Epic' and 'Go Hard'". He began his DJ career when he was 18 years old. He then ranked at #80 on the list of TOP100DJs in 2015, his popularity growing day by day. After he contracted with label giant "Spinnin' Records" in 2013 he worked as resident at the well known club Drai's, which ranked #70 on the list of TOP100Clubs in 2015. He and Sandro Silva were also exciting EDM fans by releasing the track 'Aftermath' which was supported by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Showtek and more.


DJ Mag Japan had the chance to hear more about his upcoming releases and the privilege to pass along a message to the Japanese fans.


Q1. We heard that you will come back to Japan and spin at Music Circus in this October. Could you tell us how exciting you are?

I really can’t wait to get back to Japan. The line up of Music Circus is great, so it can only be amazing. I always love coming to Japan, that’s why I decided to celebrate my birthday in Tokyo during my Asia tour :) I will celebrating it in V2, so everyone is invited! Lets make it a crazy night!


Q2. We have seen you play in Japan. Your show was exciting to us. What is the difference between the European audience and the Japanese? Have you brought any idea to make setlist when you spin in Japan? Can you tell us what is it?

The difference is mainly the level of excitement of the people towards the show. I always closely check my socials and I've already seen fans preparing for the shows in October for weeks now. It’s so great to see my fans preparing signs and t-shirts with their friends! And then when the show takes place the entire set is one big party, so much energy!! I Love it!!


Q3. Is there any other event you're looking forward to spinning this Summer? If so, which event and why?

I'm really looking forward to my Asia tour in September. It’s going to be 4 weeks of almost nonstop touring. I always love the energy and vibe in Asia.


Q4. Your new track “Can’t Fight It” was released recently. Could you tell us where did you get the inspiration for this track?

For “Can’t Find It” I worked together with the LA based trio Cheat Codes. When I first heard the vocal, I was blown away. It was super easy and nice to work with these talented guys. The track just organically came to existence. I’m super excited about this release. It’s a real summer track which should put a smile on your face. A song you can’t fight.


Q5. How is the rest of 2016 looking music wise?

I have something special coming in September... Go Harder EP PT 2. The EP has 5 tracks and will be released on Spinnin’ Premium, so it will be available as a free download the first two weeks from release. It’s straight fire for clubs and festivals, more news about my EP will follow soon on my socials. Besides my EP, later this year my collab with Hardwell will be dropped. So lots of new music coming!!


Q6. What's your view about DJ Mag as an artist?

As an artist DJ Mag is very important. A great environment to showcase who we are and what our music stands for as an artist. I’m also very happy that DJ Mag Japan has been launched! Congrats with that!




Q7. Please leave a message for your Japanese audience.

I can’t wait to see you all at one of my shows in Japan (September 21st & October 9th). Let’s party together!


We asked Quintino "What is the most important thing as a DJ/Producer?". He firmly answered "Karma". He strongly believes in himself that "If we do good things, we can be successful". He ranked for the first time in 2014 on the list of TOP100DJs and later ranked #80 in 2015. We will be keeping our eyes on this talented DJ/Producer 'Quintino' who is the hope of the Dance Music scene.