Q1. It’s a pleasure to have you in Japan! You will be touring mainly as Reeko across Asia over the coming weeks, you will play one date as Architectural at Vent, Tokyo on November 9th. What can fans expect on this night? 

I’m really excited because this is my first time in Japan as Architectural.

I feel very free to improvise and experiment more than usual because I believe that the Japanese audience is very open to absorbing new sounds, with this in mind, on Friday anything and everything could happen.

My flow, sound and direction is something that will develop with the mood on the dancefloor and my connection with the crowd. 


Q2. What is your impression of the Japanese dance music scene? What have been your most surprising or impressive experiences? Something within your expectation?

If we are to talk about Techno, it's quite difficult to assess the scene in Japan right now as it’s only my third time here.

I know that Techno is not massive here at present but it’s great to see that the scene is growing and there are some incredible clubs really pushing the sound and scene.

Techno is of course, massive in Europe but right now there are other musical styles that are much more popular here in Japan, however as I mentioned earlier, Japanese people and music lovers are really open-minded, I feel they’re totally willing to take in new music and sounds so I think Techno and other experimental styles will continue to grow.

I can’t wait to really explore new sounds in my sets in both Tokyo and Osaka as I know this will be really appreciated.


Q3. Can you pick 1 or 2 must-plays in your recent sets and why?

In my sets as Architectural  ‘Sweaty One’ from DJ QU, is one of my favourite tracks of all time, every time I play it people go crazy, of course, ‘Cubismo 8.3’ from myself, is practically mandatory for me.

In my sets as Reeko I do play a lot of my own material but I’d have to say “Chapter 69” from Shifted, I really, really love this track and I play it very often.




Q4. The end of the year is approaching, what’s in store for 2020? Any exciting new projects coming up that you can share with us?

I’m working very hard on new releases as Architectural and as Reeko but it’s too soon to talk about this in-depth or where the material will be released. 2020 will be a year with some sound direction changes and experiments with other styles for both projects, which is really exciting.


Q5. Any messages you want to leave for your Japanese fans before your shows in Tokyo and Osaka?

I  can’t wait for the gigs, thank you in advance for wanting to share the dancefloor and these open-minded, musical journeys with me.