Q1. Congratulations on your "Revive" release! Please talk to us about it. How are the fans reacting to it?

Hey guys, thank you so much! I've been super happy with the release of "Revive" and The fan reaction has been absolutely incredible!

I worked incredibly hard on it, and it's a really special song to me personally, so seeing all the kind messages and video stories from fans regarding the song really means a lot :')! 



Q2. It’s already been 7 months since you came to Japan. What was your first impression of Japan? What was the most surprising or impressive experience? Something within your expectation?

The show in Japan was honestly an amazing experience! I spent alot of time daydreaming about being able to perform music in Japan when I was younger, so being able to actually go and perform this time was a dream come true!

The most surprising thing was that I actually travel to Tokyo about once a year to keep myself inspired and motivated, and the venue I performed at in Shinjuku is actually about 5 mins away from where I usually stay when I visit. I guess if you keep working towards your goals things have a crazy way of working out haha! 

Overall the performance was super fun, and I really loved meeting all my fellow Japanese artists, and fans! There was so much genuine love and positive energy that night, I'm really happy to have been able to have that experience. 




Q3. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why?

Hmm, too many songs to name haha, but I guess if I had to choose right now it'd be "Lift Me From The Ground (Jaron Remix) - San Holo."

It has a somber soft verse that's contrasted and accented by big powerful future synth drops, which is kind of something I try to achieve with my own music. I love songs that can be personal and emotive one minute, and then super loud and powerful the next.

That contrast is something that's always interested me. 



Q4. The end of the year is approaching, so what’s in store for 2020? Any exciting new projects coming up that you can share with us? 

It's crazy to think that the decade is about to end!

For 2020, I just want to focus on getting more music out to fans, and then playing as many shows as possible.

I'm a perfectionist which means it can take longer than I would want to get music out, so I'm just really focusing on improving my output and giving fans as much music as possible in 2020. 


Q5. Any messages you want to leave for you Japanese fans?

Thank you all for always supporting me! I love seeing all your kind messages! I will continue to work my hardest so I can come back and perform for you all again :3!