Q1. Lee Cabrera “Shake It” is being released again and it kicks off some new music from you too, what have you been up to?

Yes, it’s another summer and another version of “Shake It” and It’s great having such a popular record that everyone seems to love and over the years the remixes have been fantastic and it keeps “Shake It” alive.

This year, I chose to NOT call the version a remix but more as a new RE-release because I’m now going to release more Lee Cabrera music from here on. 



Q2. Tell to us about your latest release “Shake It" and the inspiration behind it. 

This latest release is the latest & newest version of one of my very 1st productions as Lee Cabrera. I produced this record when I was only 19 years old and it went on to be #1 in numerous parts of the world.

To say this record changed my life would be a large understatement. After Shake It came out, I was remixing every record on the charts and touring at every club in the world.

It is what every DJ & producer in our industry dreams of doing and I will forever be grateful to everyone that supported this record and made my dreams come true. 



Q3. Whats next for you and is there a “Shake It” tour in place? 

Yes, things are moving very quickly as the early feedback from this version of “Shake It” has been incredible with full support from Claptone, Marco Carola, Roger Sanchez, Chris Lake & Jamie Jones.

I’m also working on new remixes and more original material and setting up lots of DJ dates as well. In addition to “Shake It” the club version, I’m also working with CR2 on the NEW vocal version as well.

For so many years the “Move a Little Closer” vocal was part of the record but I suggested to Mark Brown & CR2 that it was time for something new so we are working on something very cool for the vocal.

Also planning another record with Mike Vale who I worked with on the new Shake It as well as collaborating with a lot of my favorite artists as well. 


Q4. What kind of advise can you give to our amateur DJs/producers?

The best advice I can give is IF you are going to get into this business, be well versed in EVERY aspect of the music business and learn the craft of the business on all aspects so you can understand it to the fullest.

Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and settle for NOTHING less!



Q5. We heard that you are also the founder of FaderPro.com a company that teaches music production online with top DJ’s & Producers? 

That is correct and it's been a very fun & creative experience and a nice way to create a new revenue stream for my DJ friends & colleagues and the record labels I’ve had the chance to work with over the years.

We now exclusively produce masterclasses with numerous labels and their artists such as, Armada, Toolroom, Viva, Saved, CR2, Hospital & Octopus with much more coming on as well.

The platform continues to grow each day and it’s been fantastic providing a new outlet for aspiring producers to learn how to make music by watching how their favorite DJ’s & Producers make music. 


Q6. Lee, what was your best and craziest Japanese experience? 

I’ve had the great opportunity to DJ in Japan over the years playing at Yellow and Studio Coast and a few others and each & every time the experience is amazing.

I look forward to returning soon. To be honest, I could live in Japan, it is home to some of the best Skiing & Snowboarding in cities like, Niseko & Hakuba as well as beaches in cities like, Miyako-jima & Shimoji-shima and of course, Tokyo where the food and the city experience is better than anywhere. 


Q7. Can you please leave a message for your fans in Japan. 

Japan, I cannot wait to see you again and immerse myself in every aspect of your culture from nightlife to your beautiful country and people, the food, the scenery and some amazing and passionate fans for dance music! Big Love!