Q1. We’re so excited to interview you! How are you doing? How has this year been treating you so far?

I'm excited to be talking to you guys! I'm good thank you. This year has been pretty chilled to be honest and I have been loving it. Lots of studio time. Lots of self reflection time. But I'm ready to get back in to the hustle now!


Q2. We heard you just signed an exclusive deal with Armada Music, congratulations!! How did this collab come about? 

Thank you! Yeah I'm very excited about this next step of the journey. Armada reached out to me a year ago asking if I'd do a remix/bootleg of one of their tunes 'Turn Around' by Phats and Small, and that release went really well, so we decided to take our relationship to the next level! 



Q3. The first single you released via Armada Music is called ‘Nightcrawling’. Can you tell us a bit more about the initial inspiration for this track and how the production process was like? 

Yeah I wrote this track earlier in the year with my writing partner Tim Woodcock, and it's about getting through a tough time and having someone there to help you through it. The track came together pretty quickly, I actually woke up with that piano melody in my head, so I ran downstairs to record it before I forgot it! We wanted the chorus to sound a bit like an old record sample, so that's actually Tim singing that. We got the track and vocals sounding pretty good after the session, then I took it away back to my studio in London and finished it up. 



Q4. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why? 

Sweet disposition, cause when people hear that vocal it just sends them into another world I think. 

Welling Up, because when that drop hits you can't help but lose your shit! (Me included!)




Q5. Any other exciting new projects coming up that you can share with us?

I've produced some wicked new tunes with the amazing Son of Kong, so keep your ears out for that. And I've also produced Kid Creole and the Coconuts next single 'Checkin my colonies' .. really proud of that one. Other than that, just a shit load more of my own music too!


Q6. Any messages you want to leave for you Japanese fans?

Love is all you need!