Q1. We’re glad to interview with you! How has this year been treating you so far?

Hi guys, thanks for the invite! Our year is going very well! Musically this is one of our strongest years in our career, we’ve just released our debut album, have many releases for after the album coming up, and inspiration is very  strong this year. Show wise we’re seeing bigger stages again this year, and we’re very happy to see that the bigroom scene is still going strong. 


Q2. Please talk to us about your new album and the inspiration behind it.

Since a few  years we had the dream of releasing our album one day, but where do you start? We felt that the  end of 2017 must be a good moment to give it a try. With a handful of ideas and some colleague songwriters we’ve done studio sessions for about a week in an family bungalow park (can you imagine lol, families enjoying their days off while we’re breaking  a sweat on finding new sounds for our album). During this session (and many following) we found the main tracks that should be the vibe the whole album should be breathing. After this, we’ve spent  months and months and months to develop ourselves into making ‘songs’ which felt like something else than making ‘music for the sets’. Many ups and downs, loads of fun, plenty of  pain and misery  but eventually we’re super proud of every single track that’s part of the album. Most of the inspiration came from  nostalgic music we listened to when we were  teenagers, to ideas  and inspiration based on melodies we’ve created, and ofcourse our love for  music that’s in-between mainstream and underground. 





Q3. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why?

In the set we actually have a lot of  tracks  we enjoy playing. Most recently is our track: Here  Without You (together with  Dr. Phunk), we managed to use the lyrics of  ‘3 Doors Down - Here Without You’ and turned it into a 150BPM hardstyle banger!! The other track is our own Festival  Mix of ‘Children of  Today’,  absolutely love it how this one is smashing the mainstages!! 




Q4. What’s coming from Blasterjaxx in this summer?

After the album we have many new tracks  lined  up for the rest of the year. They’re very diverse as we talk about one hardstyle tune, a 141BPM trance track, some big room and upcoming vocal tracks! Other than this we’re playing some big  festivals  and cool club shows and  are very excited to meet all our fans worldwide. 


Q5. Any messages you want to leave for you Japanese fans?

We’re very pleased and thankful for all our Japanese fans, you guys where one of the first to adapt us into your dance music scene. During shows we always notice the dedication of  fans and absolutely appreciate the love you guys give us どうもありがとうございました。