Q1. We’re so glad you'll be playing in Japan for the first time on 24th May at Sound Museum Vision in Tokyo. What's your impression of Japan?

I've been wanting to visit Japan for a really long time. I admire the culture and also, since when I was young, most high tech products come from Japan so I have the feeling that it will be the closest experience to travel forward in time. Also I heard that the clubbers are really enthusiastic and warm there so I'm totally excited.


Q2. Please talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

I have just finished 4 new tracks, and will release them so soon. I can say I'm satisfied with the result, the sound is hard and dark and after testing them out in some clubs, I'm very happy with the reaction of the people. 


Q3. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why? Are you going to play them in Japan?

Sure, Wonderland by George Makrakis is the latest amazing track released on my label Silver M and its a bomb. 



Another one which I'm totally in love with the guitar melody is Adora by T78. Epic tune!



And yes, people can expect to listen to both of these in Tokyo.


Q4. Please leave a message for your fans in Japan.

I promise that I will do my best to make you dance, my purpose is to give you all my energy during my set.