Q1. Whom is T78, tell a bit about yourself?

Hi everyone, I'm Manuel a dj/producer from Italy founder of the techno label Autektone. Basically this is my life: I wake up in the morning, I eat, I breath, I shit techno or house or electronic music in general but I never shut it off for 5 minutes.



Q2. Who and what inspired you to follow your musical path?

I have listened, experienced, played and produced dance music in general for the last 25 years. As for as I can remember I always wanted to be a dj. I bought my first record (Duran Duran – Mixing) in 1985 at the age of 7 and since that time I never stopped collecting dance music vinyls. I went throught Synth-pop, Italo Disco, House, Techno, Trance and other electronic music sub genres but I never had a favourite one, I always loved and embraced the entire culture. The music I'm actually producing is the pure result of all these years spent in the studio and on the decks around the globe, my background is my biggest resource. 


Q3. Please talk to us about your latest release Adora on Spinnin Deep and the inspiration behind it.

Well, this is the story: I made “Adora” together with my wife one sunny Monday morning of July 2018  but it wasn't meant to be a track for Spinnin'.  In only 2 hours we came up with that acoustic guitar on top of a sturdy techno groove with a lot of action in the lower regions and we couldn't stop dancing on that sexy rhythm. I immediately thought it has a great summer feeling but it was too late for an official release and also it was not really fitting the sound of my label Autektone so I kept the track unfinished in my hard drive for future plans.

2 months ago I've got contacted by Spinnin' who wanted to release a T78 track; I immediately replied that I already had something available that could fits them fully. 10 minutes later “Adora” was signed.



Q4. How is this track special compare to other tracks you’ve released?

This track is surely a unique piece of techno music. Once “Adora” is moving, the record gains momentum with eye-catching, organic guitar melody, while subtle acid sounds, raw stabs and spacious vocal samples make sure the energy keeps flowing. It's obviously quite different from what I usually produce and play but it just makes me feel so good every time I listen to it. I guess this track gots soul, just like another one I made exactly one year ago: “Fisto” (my biggest hit up to now) which was played for the whole summer by the king Carl Cox and so many other headliners. According to Beatport “Fisto” was also one of the best selling techno tracks of 2018


Q5. How did you learn to create tracks and production process itself?

Since I was young I desired to create something mine, that's why in 1996 (when finally I had some money left) I bought some basic equipment for my home studio. I've learnt how to produce a track on my own, basically by spending my spare time in turning knobs and sharing different studio experiences with other guys with the same passion. I really think I was born to do this because making music it's just too spontaneous to me.


Q6. You have just remixed on your label the new track by Nusha, who's having her Japanese debut this Saturday at Joule Club in Osaka. Tell us more about that.

Nusha contacted me on Instagram more than a year ago saying that she was constantly supporting my tracks on her sets. By the end of 2018 she sent me a demo for Autektone, that in the meanwhile became her favorite label. I felt quite inspired by the track and the elements she used in the production so I decide to release and remix it. Both mixes are so strong, something that on the socials I call #superiortechno



Q7. Any future plans you want to reveal?

Sure, I still have a few collaborations and a bunch of remixes in the making for this summer plus (and this is actually a scoop :-), I'm gonna release an album by the of September called #onlybombs which will contains 12 dancefloor killers. No intro, no interludes, no place for mediocre listening downtempo tracks just banger after banger, the mood and the vibe that represents my sound fully. I'm planning a tour around the whole album concept so who knows if Japan will be on the list :-)


Q8. Please leave a private message for your fans in Japan. 

Dear Japanese readers and supporters, I've always been fashinated by your unique culture since I was a little kid while I was spending hours in front of the tv watching those fantastic cartoon made in Japan.  I really hope to play my techno for you soon and maybe spend a couple of weeks as a tourist in your  beautiful country.