The Him, the release with Sam Feldt “Midnight Hearts” reached over 22 million streams worldwide only on the release date. The DJ/Producer duo situated in Amsterdam have made a great impact to the world. Not to mention their official remixes of Martin Garrix’s In The Name Of Love, The Chainsmoker’s Roses, Tiësto’s Summer Nights, Miley Cyrus’ Malibu are all praised and allowed them to get their name and music out. Let’s hear about their new production “Broken Love”. 


Q1. Please talk to us about your latest release ‘Broken Love’ and the inspiration behind it.

Broken Love is about when a relation ship might not be perfect you can still need each other. Love isn't always easy. For us the production reflects that in the end it does work out. It took a while to get the track to where it is today. We did a bunch of revisions and recording sessions! 



Q2. How is this track special compare to other tracks you’ve released throughout the career?

We wrote this one way back and waited for the right time to release it. With our original tracks we try to create something unique. We try to discover and experiment with new sounds. Broken Love definitely took a lot of trying until it got to where we wanted it to be.


Q3. Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why?

We released our remix of "Without You" by Avicii a week before his tragic death. The song now carries so much extra meaning for everyone. It's had a special place in our sets.



Q4. What was your best gig so far and what memories you have on this gig?

We've had so many memorable shows it's hard to pick. But one of the most special ones was probably in Washington D.C. We were on our way and got snowed in at the airport in New York so we had to take an 5 hour Uber ride to D.C. so we could JUST make our set! The crowd was so crazy and we had so much fun. We'll never forget that one!


Q5. Any exciting new projects coming up that you can share with us?

Broken Love has our main focus for the now. But we're working hard in the studio on more new music! We're playing some really cool festivals in Europe and the US this summer, Sziget and Lollapalooza to name a few! Next week we will be playing our first 2 shows in Asia! 



Martin Garrix, Tiësto are some of the top Dutch artists supporting the up and coming DJ/Producer duo, The Him. Spinnin’ Records are backing them up with this new record “Broken Love” and it could only get better and better for them. Since they plan to enter the Asian market as well, we hope to see them in Japan too. Listen to “Broken Love”!