Cat's Fukuoka has managed to be one of most popular clubs not only in Fukuoka but whole of West Japan. Regardless of the days, all 3 floors are packed and plays genres starting from EDM, R&B, Reggae, Hip-Hop and more. They also have the top class resident DJs from Japan making sure the crowd goes wild and keeps the club packed at all times. DJ BABY BOSS, DJ SPIKE aka KURIBO, DJ KAZUMA, Qwerty, DJ KO-TA, DJ FATBEAT, DJ STAN, DJ GONZ, DJ ZIEZIE support CAT’S FUKUOKA to be a bigger club.



Quintino came for a show, last December, VINAI came for a show in past few years. All we can say CLUB CAT'S FUKUOKA becomes now one of the Club in west side of Japan. In 2017, Italian DJ Duo MERK&KREMONT also came and every time sent the crowd crazy until the event “CIAO” was done at early morning. The collaboration shows us Cat's Fukuoka’s power and ability went on to next level.  



Other than such big players, top class its resident DJs attracts audience in every night. Those efforts they have done gradually made up its own original success map. The door leading to  world top class club is now opening its own hand. 






Q1. How has your 2017 been so far ? and what is the biggest achievement in this year ? 

There are tons of things happening in this year. The biggest achievement was to found one more club ( Ibiza FUKUOKA ) in same area. Since some stuffs had to move to Ibiza FUKUOKA for supporting them, we have emphasized maintaining our quality and making us more powerful in this year so far. 


Q2. In a process of being more powerful and one of the world class clubs, what strength you want to emphasize in your club and tell us if there are some spaces which can still be improved ? 

We think our strongest point is the Unique Atmosphere like “Matsui”(Japanese traditional festival).Not only resident DJs but all stuffs are working by this concept in each floors. For making it stronger, we will implement all equipment to hold up audience energy and vibe.



Q3. Do you have any role model in japan or other country when it comes to managing CLUB CAT'S FUKUOKA?

Personally, Clubs in Las Vegas and Chicago are one of ours strong model so we have always learned from their process of creating atmosphere mixed with all kind of music genre and oriental vibe like XS and TAO. Especially, we have paid attention to MID and PRYSM in Chicago which have collaborated with big players so far with their limited capacity like us.



Q4. We clearly remember the event collaborated with MERK&KREMONT, Are there any artists in particular you would love to collaborate with in the near future and What do you have coming up in 2018 ?  

Our another strength, our resident DJs, always assure high level quality of each party in all days. So we do not book guest DJs frequently. But the collaboration with famous DJs in Japanese market Such as VINAI and MERK&KREMONT were perfectly fit in us, so we would like to work with famous players in our market like TJR and MAKJ. Furthermore, It is best for us to create strong DJ tribe which allows our resident DJs to play at clubs in outside of Fukuoka and even Japan.


Q5. Please leave a message for the funs and lovers.

We were surprisingly slid into 5th place in DJ MAG JAPAN club ranking. It is all because of your strong support and love toward us, CAT'S FUKUOKA. We promise that we are going to continue to create exciting atmosphere and space for you all. I would really be appreciated to hear your sound on this election as well!